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Topic: Installation problem

view this post on Zulip jilin hu (Apr 03 2021 at 04:02):

My OS is windows 10. I am trying to run Isabelle2021 but somethign went wrong. When I opened it the first time it showed IO error and prover inactive. When I just input some words, Isabelle just doesn't show me anything or check the words.
Does somebody knows why? Thanks a lot.


view this post on Zulip Jakub Kądziołka (Apr 05 2021 at 13:08):

Could you copy the whole error here? As you can see, it has a scrollbar

view this post on Zulip jilin hu (Apr 10 2021 at 14:09):

I guess the problem may be the installation path. I have reinstalled the system and it worked.

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