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view this post on Zulip Qiyuan Xu (Nov 24 2022 at 09:40):

A postdoctoral position in automated verification is open at the Singapore Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. David Sanán.

The project is about formalizing programming language semantics, constructing a framework for scalable verification, and building mechanisms for automatic reasoning on Isabelle/HOL.
We aim for minimizing the gap between the edge of formal verification and efficient industrial applications.
Specifically, we are focusing on formalizing Solidity and verifying smart contracts on Ethereum.


- A Ph.D. awarded in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a closely related discipline.
- Experience in formal methods and formal verification. Experience in Isabelle theorem prover is preferred.
- Familiar with program semantics and program logic including Hoare Logic and Separation Logic.

This position has attractive salaries, around SGD 7k monthly, and the taxes in Singapore are very low.

The position is available on a full-time basis for one and a half years in the first instance, with the possibility of renewal(s).
Starting date: Feb 2023.

To apply, send an email with the CV to

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