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Topic: Name collisions between records

view this post on Zulip Alex Weisberger (Mar 07 2022 at 00:18):

I'm running into a surprising behavior related to records. Consider the following 2 record definitions:

record unpaginated_state =
  Data :: "int set"
  Page :: int

record external_state =
  Data :: "int set"

They both contain a field named Data. When constructing a value of type unpaginated_state via:

⦇ Data = {5}, Page = 0 ⦈

I get an error:

Error in record input: expecting field "Refine.unpaginated_state.Data" but got "Page"

If I change one of the field names, no error occurs, which is why it feels like the record definitions are clashing in some way.

view this post on Zulip Maximilian Schaeffeler (Mar 08 2022 at 08:58):

I don't know much about records, but in this case you can just use the qualified name
⦇ unpaginated_state.Data = {5}, Page = 0 ⦈

The order of the record definitions seems to matter, if you swap them you can construct the unpaginated_state without the qualifier. Now the creation of an external state fails of course.

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