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From: Peter Achten <>

TFPIE 2021 2nd Call for papers
(February 16 2021, co-organized with TFP 2021 and Lambda Days 2021)

Because of the covid pandemic, the events are online this year.

The goal of the International Workshops on Trends in Functional
Programming in
Education is to gather researchers, professors, teachers, and all
that use or are interested in the use of functional programming in
TFPIE aims to be a venue where novel ideas, classroom-tested ideas, and
work in
progress on the use of functional programming in education are
discussed. The
one-day workshop will foster a spirit of open discussion by having a review
process for publication after the workshop.

TFPIE 2021 welcomes submissions in the above mentioned areas. This year
teaching programmes have had to make a rapid transition to online
teaching, and
we explicitly solicit papers that explore this area of teaching functional

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
-  FP and beginning CS students
-  FP and Computational Thinking
-  FP and Artificial Intelligence
-  FP in Robotics
-  FP and Music
-  Advanced FP for undergraduates
-  FP in graduate education
-  Engaging students in research using FP
-  FP in Programming Languages
-  FP in the high school curriculum
-  FP as a stepping stone to other CS topics
-  FP and Philosophy
-  The pedagogy of teaching FP
-  FP and e-learning: MOOCs, automated assessment etc.
-  Best Lectures - more details below

In addition to papers, we are requesting best lecture presentations.
What's your
best lecture topic in an FP related course? Do you have a fun way to
present FP
concepts to novices or perhaps an especially interesting presentation of a
difficult topic? In either case, please consider sharing it. Best
lecture topics
will be selected for presentation based on a short abstract describing the
lecture and its interest to TFPIE attendees. The length of the presentation
should be comparable to that of a paper.

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