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Topic: [isabelle] Announcement: Isabelle/DOF 1.1.0

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From: "Achim D. Brucker" <>
Dear all,
We proudly present our next public release for our Document Ontology
Framework (DOF) conceived as add-on of Isabelle/HOL. The installation
should work under Isabelle 2021 and TeX Live 2021 out of the box.

Long-term Archive:

Achim & Burkhart

DOF permits to annotate theory-elements and terms
with structured, typed meta-data, which were used in
automatically generated antiquotations. DOF applications
are currently mostly geared (but not restricted) to document
generation processes, so mostly technical reports,
theory-documentations, and scientific papers.
The meta-data can be specified in a HOL-like syntax
via Ontologies, that were associated to appropriate
LaTeX style files. IDE Support in Isabelle/PIDE allows for
a smooth, ontology-conform editing process of texts that
contain both formal and informal content as well as
machine-checked links between them.


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