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Topic: [isabelle] Benchmark suite for Isabelle's `rewrite` tactic

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From: Zack Grannan <>
Hello everyone,

Is there a benchmark suite that tests the rewriting tactic of Isabelle or some
references we can read how it works/performs?

We are implementing a rewrite tactic for Liquid Haskell and it would be great
to compare it with Isabelle's.



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From: Makarius <>
I guess you mean the "simp" family of proof methods, or rather "The
Simplifier" behind it. The isar-ref manual, section 9.3 has many explanations
about it, but you probably need some practical experience with it to see the

It might also help to study the sources:

(You can read Isabelle/Pure sources in the Prover IDE by opening the central
ROOT.ML, which is also in the Documentation panel.)

Various people on this list can probably provide more concrete answers:
high-end users routinely tinker with the Simplifier setup.


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