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Topic: [isabelle] Execute typedef Definition

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From: "Stüber, Sebastian" <>
Dear all,
I am trying to use a "typedef" datatype for code execution.
When I am executing the definition, it fails with an "Abstraction violation".

Can I add code-lemmata so that the definition "conv" (see below) is executable?

The theory:
typedef evenNat = "{x::nat | x. even x}"
by auto
setup_lifting type_definition_evenNat

definition conv::"nat list ⇒ evenNat list" where
"conv = map Abs_evenNat o filter even"

value "conv [1::nat, 2::nat]" (* Fails with: "Abstraction violation" *)


Sebastian Stüber, M.Sc.RWTH | Software Engineering
Lehrstuhl für Software Engineering | RWTH Aachen University
Ahornstr. 55, 52074 Aachen, Germany |
Phone ++49 241 80-21352

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From: "C.A. Watt" <>
Dear Sebastian

My understanding is that you must define conv by way of
"lift_definition". Intuitively, in your current setup you have not
proven that you are applying Abs_evenNat to only elements of nat that
are within the evenNat set. So instead of your current definition, you
should state:

lift_definition(code_dt) conv :: "nat list => evenNat list" is "filter
by (simp add: list_all_def)

The proof obligation is exactly the fact that the result of "filter
even" is always within the set that defines evenNat. Note that the
"code_dt" parameter is necessary to allow extraction/execution of conv,
because the abstract type evenNat occuring in the return type has a type
constructor applied to it. I don't understand all the technical details
of this parameter, but it's documented in isar-ref.

Best wishes

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