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Topic: [isabelle] Isabelle2021-RC0 available for early experiments

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From: Makarius <>
Dear Isabelle users,

official Isabelle releases happen every 8-10 months, and no amount of global
insanity will prevent that.

There is now a snapshot for early experiments on

See also the blog
which will follow the release process.

Moreover, for the first time there will be a virtual meeting to discuss
observations and pending problems of the present release snapshot:

Friday 04-Dec-2020 14:00 UTC+0

Preferred browsers: Firefox, Chromium/Chrome, or recent MS Edge.

(That is my existing Nextcloud instance with a small "app" to manage
connections for BigBlueButton on another server of mine. This follows an
ongoing movement for professional self-hosting and virtual empowerment of
citizens in Augsburg.)

People who have particular topics or interests for the virtual meeting on
Friday can send me input via email within the next few days.


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From: Makarius <>
Reminder: that is in 70 minutes.

I have started to make a sketch of notable topics here: (that is a theory
file to be opened with Isabelle2021-RC0).


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