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Topic: [isabelle] Isabelle2021-RC3: update of Scala, but not Ope...

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From: Makarius <>
A notable change is the update to current scala-2.13.4: it makes a big
difference compared to former scala-2.12.12.

Originally, I did not plan to update it for the release, but it will be
required for other projects based on Isabelle/Scala.

The underlying JDK is still jdk-15.0.1+9: I was hoping for an update this
week, following the Oracle announcement on 19-Jan-2021.

Nothing has happened on so far. Maybe
within a fews days or weeks ...


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From: Makarius <>
Looking once again, I now see jdk-11.0.10+9: maybe the jdk-15 update will come
really soon.

I am still unsure which one is best for Isabelle2021: I am trying to minimize
problems on macOS Big Sur in particular, but so far it all appears to be the same.


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