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Topic: [isabelle] RC5: Sledgehammer and HOL-Library.Word problems

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From: Peter Lammich <>
Trying to prove the following (obvious) lemma results in funny
sledgehammer error messages:

theory Scratch
imports "HOL-Library.Word"

lemma word1_NOT_eq: "NOT (x::1 word) = x+1"
Proof found...
"cvc4": One-line proof reconstruction failed: by (smt (z3))
"z3": A prover error occurred:
bad SMT term: bvnot

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From: Mathias Fleury <>
Hi Peter,

Isabelle never had reconstruction for words. So the Z3 error is expected.

The CVC4 errors you reported earlier this year are fixed, however.



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From: Thomas Sewell <>
I'm a little confused about this. There has never been support for
reconstruction of Z3's proofs involving the word/bitvector theory.
There is experimental support to convert goals into SMT problems,
but since the reconstruction is missing, I thought that feature was
disabled by default, but, I can reproduce the error you posted.
I had thought that declare [[z3_extensions]] was required to cause
bitvector constants to appear in generated SMT problems.

I've been making use of this experimental support as a kind of
fiddly quickcheck/nitpick for some proofs I've been doing. I'm planning
to commit some improvements on that, which might include a fix for this
issue. However, none of that will make it into this release round.

Best regards,

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