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Topic: [isabelle] Structure of Proofs

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From: "Jens-D. Doll" <>
Hello everyone,

is there a common sense about how a proof has to be structured? Does
there exist a formal grammar or a mathematical structure for it? Can
coherence* be formalized?

Happy reasoning,

*from philosophy of science

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From: "Dr A. Koutsoukou-Argyraki" <>
Dear Jens,

you may want to have a look in Chapter 6 of the Isabelle manual

where there are some details about common proof structures, e.g. proof
by induction,
proof by cases, proof by contradiction etc.-- in Isar there exist some
ways for structuring these.

I'm not sure if this answers your question though.

Best wishes,

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From: "Jens-D. Doll" <>
Hello Angeliki,

the basic types of proofs is not enough. I imagine a formal expression
over these types, which tells me if a certain sequence or hierarchy is
allowed. For instance a sequence of two proofs by contradiction is not


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