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Topic: [isabelle] Tracing resolution proofs

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From: Rodrigo Raya <>
|I have scanned the Isabelle/Isar manual for tracers. However, I
couldn't find a method to trace resolution proofs. My goal is to see
when proving a theorem what steps go through the resolution rule if any.
Having that for unification could also help (currently, I only know of

Does this exist?

|Thank you,|


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From: Lawrence Paulson <>
I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but the resolution rule is normally regarded as an atomic step in the proof kernel. Also unification.


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From: Makarius <>
Just the standard meta-questions: What is your application? What do you try to
achieve? What do you actually need?

At the bottom of all proof tools based on higher-order resolution is the
primitive rule Thm.bicompose(_aux) (in $ISABELLE_HOME/src/Pure/thm.ML).

But that is rather complex and low-level: it is used a lot in many different
contexts, also with search over lazy sequences. Thus it is difficult to
extract useful information.


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