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Topic: [isabelle] Yet another Isabelle-Course available

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From: Burkhart Wolff <>
Dear all,

I proudly present the online material of an Isabelle/HOL course that
was giving as part of the “Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science”(MPRI)-
Programme, jointly run by University de Paris, the ENS Ulm and my institution,
the University of Paris-Saclay. [The course has its roots in a series of
lectures I was giving over the years, starting at the ETH in 2005].

It has both a theoretic track presented as an animated slide-set
with accompanying podcast and a series of practical lab courses
(“TP”’s). The theoretical part attempts to establish links to theoretical
foundations taught in parallel classes (lambda-calculus, semantic) at
the MPRI, as far as this vis possible in a 5-units course …
A part from the title, all material is in English ... <>

All comments welcome!


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