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Topic: [isabelle] update Isabelle2019->20, session

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From: Walther Neuper <>
updating our project from Isabelle2019 to Isabelle2020 we cannot find
out how to adapt to the new session management:

Both command lines

/usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle build -v -b Interpret
    /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle build -v -b Isac

as well as Isabelle/jEdit raise the same (very consistent, thanks!) error

*** Duplicate use of directory "/usr/local/isabisac/src/Tools/isac"
    ***   for session "Interpret" (line 15 of
    ***   vs. session "Isac" (line 26 of

The respective ROOT is shown in the attachment.

Thank you in advance for help!


PS: system.pdf presents great new features, but extends the search-space
in the rail-diagram and for trials (a weak excuse ;-)

PPS: Build_Isac.thy imports Interpret.thy ...?... the old version had
"session Isac = HOL +", which caused the same error.

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From: Walther Neuper <>
sorry for the noise:

simplifying the ROOT led to useful error messages.

thank you for patience,


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