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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Discontinued archive for devel mailing list

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From: Florian Haftmann <>
Hi all,

the mirror of the devel mailing list at
as linked from has its newest thread from 2019.

Maybe this is a technical problem; if not, the isabelle site should
clearly indicate that it is a historic archive.


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From: Makarius <>
I have removed the link from the website (for the coming release):

The link stems from old times when we were more friendly towards "outsourcing"
of services; there even used to be a Google group mirror of isabelle-users.

Rather soon, I will see how to turn our isabelle-users + isabelle-dev Mailman
archives into a read-only version of Discourse (self-hosted).

This belongs to my overall strategy to learn how to "stand on your own feet"
in virtual space, eventually learning how to walk again.


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