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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Fossil SCM (SQLite)

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From: Makarius <>
One guy on the Mercurial mailing list has pointed to Fossil SCM

This looks like a pretty good successor of git/github, see also

Fossil already includes project management (tracker, forum etc.) in its
consistent, concise, no-nonsense, non-addictive software design.

The developers appear to be from the SQLite group, who have proven great humor
and good judgement before, e.g. see

It remains to be seen if/what we can make of that, without actually changing
our own history of sources.

E.g. we could try to convert our mailing list histories into it, and maybe
discontinue Mailman (and the strange Sympa) eventually.


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From: "Urban, Christian" <>
Yeah, I am all for it once they have replicated the github classroom feature. Github customer service is just a nightmare. ;o)

Sorry for being off-topic but this link is gratefully received.

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