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From: Makarius <>
Here are some further hints on Electron and Node.js.

* "isabelle node" opens a REPL to the JavaScript/Node platform. Here are
some examples for its prompt:

$ isabelle node
Welcome to Node.js v14.16.0.
Type ".help" for more information.

var a = 1
var b = 2
a + b

* "isabelle electron" opens a "splash screen" application about Electron by
default. It is more interesting to open a different application. I have
prepared a tiny example here:

$ hg clone
$ isabelle electron --app=test-electron

Thus we get a high-end Chromium browser window with minimal effort. It works
uniformly on all platforms. Full HTML5 and PDF are supported without further
ado. But this is not a proper web browser, e.g. there is no navigation bar.

Potential applications of Electron for Isabelle:

* A portable PDF viewer via pdfjs, with our own add-ons to manage
Isabelle-specific URLs. Thus the PDF can point back to a running Prover IDE,
for example. (This already works with our PIDE HTTP server setup and the
bundle pdfjs component).

* Other JavaScript-based viewers or editors, e.g. for certain diagrams.
This will require more work to connect to Isabelle/PIDE, though.

* For Isabelle/jEdit, it will run in a separate window. For Isabelle/VSCode
it can be incorporated directly into the WebviewPanel of the editor (e.g. see
the Markdown preview).

Summary: We have a whole new world of technology based on Chromium/HTML/CSS/JS
bundled with Isabelle. The file-system footprint is about 1.2 GB for all
platforms together, and 300MB for just one platform (for end-user Isabelle
application bundles).


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From: Makarius <>
I should also say, that this is just a regular VSCodium distribution with some
minor patches, to expose the underlying Electron platform separately. The
default setup is just for the VSCodium application.

Thus we get both VSCodium and Electron following the principle "buy one, get
one free".


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