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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Isabelle2022-RC3 after repository fork

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From: Makarius <>
The isabelle-dev repository is now back in post-release mode (version

The release train for Isabelle2022 continues here:

If there is anything for the release, it needs to be sent to me via e-mail
(without pushing it on the isabelle-dev repository).

Isabelle history is mostly linear, without odd forks, branches, merges of the
proverbial "average github project". This is important to sort out problems in
the proverbial "depths of time": I do this routinely whenever the state of
sources is somehow unclear (and sometimes get stuck in strange merge-knots in
the history).

So we need to be clear what is committed / pushed where: either for
isabelle-dev or for isabelle-release (the latter will return home to
isabelle-dev at a later stage).


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