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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Java 15 ("zulu")

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From: Makarius <>
With Isabelle/af54129abd9e we are using latest Java 15.

* The provider is now (instead of the "zulu"
releases cover more versions and more platforms, including current
arm64-darwin for macOS Big Sur on Apple Silicon.

* Azul call Java 15 "MTS" (medium term support), in contrast to official
Java 11 "LTS" (long term support). Lets see how it works within the coming
weeks; in the worst case we can return to Java 11 from

* The Isabelle jdk component requires now 1.5 GB total, for all our 5
supported platforms.

* The macOS app bundle requires 1.0 GB total, which includes 600 MB for
jdk-15 arm64-darwin and x86_64-darwin.

* The full-screen problem on Big Sur is still open, see also

* The JTabbedPane problem on Big Sur is still open, see also

If there are further Big Sur problems, we should at least collect them properly.


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