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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Moving towards Scala 3

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From: Makarius <>
Attentive readers of the history have already noticed that we are moving
towareds Scala 3.

This is a non-trivial step forward on the Scala staircase, see also

After the rather big change in Isabelle/87ebf5a50283, most syntax problems
should be solved. I now continue to work on semantic questions, most notably
run-time invocation of the Scala compiler.

There is already "isabelle build_scala" and "isabelle build_setup" to produce
a suitable Isabelle component.
Attached is an adhoc changeset for the most basic setup for scala-3.0.2.


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From: Florian Haftmann <>
As an aside, changeset 010a77180dff adjusts printing of type annotation
in Scala to accommodate a subtle change of semantics in Scala 3.

As a prelude to that change, the historically grown code translating HOL
terms to intermediate language patterns has seen a substantial iterative
reworking, allowing to spot the point where pattern binding reduction
failed for hitherto unclear reasons — see changeset f9c758208298.


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