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From: Makarius <>
* System *

This refers to Isabelle/13c66810f7b0.

So the time has finally come, where Isabelle acquired its own Scala/Java build
tool. It is implemented in pure Java to simplify bootstrapping, e.g. an
Isabelle download and install tool could be included eventually.

See also;13c66810f7b0
where half of the effort is specific to Isabelle, and the other half rather
plain and basic.

It shows once again that it is better to implement Isabelle tools in Isabelle
and for Isabelle, instead of relying on huge and heavy things out there (e.g.
sbt, maven, gradle).

(If maven artifacts will be required eventually, we just include a little
dependency-subgraph download tool on the spot.)

In this self-sufficient Isabelle/Scala/Java setup, Gradle is only used as
consumer of "isabelle scala_project" output, to allow IntelliJ IDEA edit all
Isabelle/Scala/Java modules as one big project.

(At a later stage, the Isabelle Prover IDE might learn more about Scala, e.g.
when Scala 3 with its re-implemented compiler has become generally available.)


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