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From: Makarius <>
* General *

This refers to Isabelle/e92f2e44e4d8.

Example invocation with remote provers:

sledgehammer [provers = remote_e remote_alt_ergo remote_zipperposition

Note: remote_vampire is actually broken right now, because SystemOnTPTP has
changed its repertoire of Vampire versions. (Remote services are sometimes
convenient for experimentation, but a properly integrated local installation
is more reliable.)

This is how to print the list of systems in Isabelle/ML:

ML_command ‹SystemOnTPTP.list_systems () |> #systems |> cat_lines |> writeln›

And here is the actual implementation in Isabelle/Scala (using HTTP POST


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From: Makarius <>
For completeness, this is the underlying HTTP module in Isabelle/Scala:;69d449f0ca04

More than 10 years ago, I was promoting the use of perl as "universal system
glue". Now we can do it more concisely in Isabelle/Scala, without external
dependencies, and with fine points adjusted to Isabelle standards. The above
is < 10Kb for client and server, which is used for isabelle.preview in

It is still too early to ask the canonical question about "any remaining uses
of perl": there are still quite a lot in small scripts that are not
incorporated in Isabelle/Scala yet, e.g. "isabelle latex".


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