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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Plan for Isabelle2021 release

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From: Makarius <>
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The next anticipated release is Isabelle2021 (February 2021). The hot phase
with release candidates will presumably be 28-Dec-2020 .. 15-Feb-2020.

Thus it is 10 months after Isabelle2020, according to our standard scheme. It
also means that for the year 2021 we shall have a second release on 15-Dec-2021.

Are there any side-conditions to consider for the Isabelle2021 release
schedule? What are important projects and tasks that need to be taken into

I have not yet started to sort out my own TODO list, but would definitely like
to add a few things to Isabelle/jEdit, e.g. integrated support for repository


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From: Jasmin Blanchette <>
Hi Makarius,

I don't think it should influence the schedule, but Isabelle2021 would be high time to repackage new versions of the automatic theorem provers and new provers -- and make sure that things work smoothly with Sledgehammer.

Main provers to update:


New provers:


All of these now partly or fully support higher-order logic. The main bottleneck here is that I've lost my Windows installation and I need to do something about this very soon (i.e., find somebody else who can own that problem or reinstall Windows myself).

(On a related note, Martin D. has recently updated Metis's source code, which is nice because Metis had some completeness bugs. We don't know if it affected Isabelle users but that could have explained why it sometimes went seemingly forever on seemingly easy goals.)



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From: Lawrence Paulson <>
This certainly looks worth doing!

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