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Topic: [isabelle-dev] Sum_of_Powers and "potential disaster"

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From: Lawrence Paulson <>
I finally deleted HOL-ex.Sum_of_Powers. The testboard job eventually failed with the following message, which I’ve seen a lot lately, so I assume it’s irrelevant to my change.


Presentation in "/media/data/jenkins/workspace/testboard/browser_info"
01:40:34 *** Existing content in "/media/data/jenkins/workspace/testboard/browser_info" lacks ".browser_info" meta data.
01:40:34 *** To avoid potential disaster, it has not been changed automatically.
01:40:34 *** If this is the intended directory, please move/remove/empty it manually.
01:40:35 Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

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From: Makarius <>
I wrote this exceedingly explicit error message to avoid additional
documentation and explanations.

Someone with access to the Jenkins setup needs to do what the messages says.


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