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Topic: [isabelle] "Files and Folders" permissions cannot be granted

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From: Alessandro Cogliati via Cl-isabelle-users <>

I am about to start a course at DTU where we have been asked to install Isabelle.
Installation on macOS was rather trivial, as it only meant dragging from the Downloads folder to the Application folder.
However, when I try to save a document, I cannot access any user folder, because the app does not show the prompt asking the user to grand permission to access certain folders, and as such renders me unable to open or save any documents from e.g. Documents.

I tried looking for a workaround but there seems to be none, I thought you might want to be made aware of this.
In attachment it shows Documents in Isabelle not showing anything, and the actual content of my folder.

Version: Isabelle2021-RC3
SO: macOS Big Sur 11.1

Best regards,

Alessandro Cogliati

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From: Makarius <>
We have just concluded a long thread about that problem, see

* start:

* end:

* ticket: (including links with rough
workarounds in Fontforge, Gimp, Inkscape).

It should work smoothly in Isabelle2021-RC4, using a proper approach without
workarounds. It will be published on 01-Feb-2021 +/- 1 day.


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From: Christian Sternagel <>
Dear Alessandro,

only out of interest (and maybe rather a question to the course
organizers): Why are you using a release candidate for a course and not
the latest stable version Isabelle2020?



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From: Jørgen Villadsen via Cl-isabelle-users <>
Hi Christian

I am responsible for the course on automated reasoning:

62 students have registered. The course starts next week and after some tests I suggested to use Isabelle2021-RC3 and asked the students to contact me in case of problems. I have not been contacted.

By the way, I also suggested to follow your guide:

On a Danish keyboard the shortcut "control together with backtick" for “Go to Recent Buffer” seems unavailable. I guess that the workaround is to change it to another key.

I also wonder why "Back" and "Forward" are not available as Alt-Left and Alt-Right, respectively, in addition to the tool bar buttons… :-)

Best regards, Jørgen

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