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Topic: [isabelle] Exporting local setup to global context

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From: Lukas Stevens <>

I want to add the constants of a type class as terms to Generic_Data
inside the context of the class. This can be achieved using local_setup
(see the code below).  Of course, the data inside the Generic_Data is
only present in the context of the class. What I want, however, is that
the data is also available in the global context with the associated
type of the type class being abstracted to a schematic type that has a
type class constraint. Apparently, this can be done using theorem
attributes (e.g. see src/HOL/Orderings.thy under the section "Reasoning
tools setup").

Is it possible to achieve the same effect without using theorem attributes?


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From: Florian Haftmann <>
Hi Lukas,

there is the Isar command »declaration« which makes a declaration out of
a snippet of Isabelle/ML code. The snippet is provided a morphism
argument which allows to adapt formal entities according to the
particular context situation.

However I don't see why attributes should not be apt for your particular

Please don't hesitate to ask if this sounds only like abstract nonsense.


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From: Lukas Stevens <>
Thanks, that is what I needed :)

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