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From: Dominique Unruh <>

when importing both HOL-Library.Numeral_Type (from Isabelle) and
Containers.Set_Impl (from AFP), then the code generation for computing
the cardinality of "UNIV::unit set" (which should be 1) produces
nonterminating code.

As shown in the attached theory, it defines a trivially diverging
recursive function "fun card A_ = card A_".

If only one of those two theories is included, the generated code
returns 1 immediately.

I don't understand where the recursive function comes from.

(I don't need a hotfix because this problem occurred only during
experimentation. But it might be good to understand where this comes
from and whether it relates to some deeper problem.)

Best wishes,

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From: Andreas Lochbihler <>
Hi Dominique,

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

HOL-Library.Numeral_Type imports HOL-Library.Cardinality, which installs some code setup
for card that is incompatible with the code setup from Containers.Set_Impl. Basically,
HOL-Library.Cardinality adds a code_unfold equation, which Containers.Set_Impl replaces
with another code_unfold equation. However, when both Numeral_Type and Set_Impl are
merged, the declarations from both Cardinality and Set_Impl become active again so that
the code generator now has two code_unfold equations that ultimately lead to this
situation. This is a known limitation of theory merges that is not easy to remedy. In, I've now split off the code
generator setup from HOL-Library.Cardinality into a separate theory
HOL-Library.Code_Cardinality. This should avoid the problem with importing Numeral_Type
and Set_Impl.


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