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From: Norbert Schirmer via Cl-isabelle-users <>
Dear Isabelle Team,

There is some odd behaviour of Isabelle / jEdit in macOS Big Sur. When using Isabelle / jEdit in fullscreen mode (via the green window-fullscreen toggle in the left-upper corner of the window, not View -> Toggle fullscreen mode), popup windows like the search window (Command - F) or the hypersearch results are now also presented in fullscreen (in Catalina they were presented as ordinary windows on top).

This does not only look odd, but also makes navigating hypersearch results impossible, as one switches back and forth between the editor view and the result view. Moreover, it is unclear how to close the hypersearch results again. Hope this can be resolved with the upcoming Isabelle2021.


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From: Makarius <>
That is a serious GUI problem. The OpenJDK guys still have no solution for it:

Maybe we can figure out some workaround in the coming weeks ... (I am open to
suggestions my macOS experts).


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From: Makarius <>
Presently, I don't expect any improvement from the OpenJDK side --- they have
another chance within the next scheduled release around 20-Jan-2021, but there
is nothing in the trackers about it.

I did find one useful hint for the following workaround: see

Thus full-screen + Find dialog works, but Hypersearch comes out a bit strange.
Maybe I should dock that window by default, instead of letting it float?


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