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Topic: [isabelle] Minimal system requirements for Isabelle?

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From: Peter Lammich <>
Hi List,

I cannot find on the Isabelle homepage, nor in the Isabelle System
Manual, that it refers to for "further technical background" any hint
what a reasonable minimal system requirement (e.g. RAM, Processor
speed, etc.) is. Does this information exist somewhere?

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From: Lawrence Paulson <>
I don’t know if the “system requirements” are posted anywhere, and it depends a lot on the size of the project you are working on. There will be more informed responses but anyway,

Remember that Isabelle does a lot of multithreading, and sledgehammer also launches multiple processes. And you need more RAM if you get more cores.


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From: Makarius <>
8 GB RAM / 4 CPU cores is indeed the base line for practical work of modest size.

4 GB RAM / 2 CPU cores is the bare minimum to startup the Isabelle/jEdit
application to do a few basic things.

Real applications require more, lets say 16-32 GB RAM / 8 CPU cores.

Maybe we should add a few words about this on the website, for the
Isabelle2021 release (Jan/Feb-2021).

Moreover, I am about to try a new hardware base line: Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 GB
RAM / 4 CPU cores, which I have ordered yesterday for 100 EUR. But that is
ARM64, and we don't have a proper Poly/ML code generator for that yet, only a
byte-code interpreter.


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