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From: Ian Stark <>
Morello: Digital Security by Design Technology Platform Prototype

Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
School of Informatics
The University of Edinburgh

* Applications close 2 April 2021 at 1600 UTC *

We are recruiting two postdoctoral researchers to join the Innovate UK project
"Digital Security by Design: Technology Platform Prototype". This is a
research collaboration between Arm and the Universities of Cambridge and
Edinburgh to develop the Morello platform, applying a novel capability-based
architecture to a mainstream high-performance processor and software stack.

Further information below: for full details and how to apply please follow the
link above.

If you would like to discuss informally then please contact, the project lead for Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh only take formal references after appointment: if
you have individual letters of support then please submit these as part of
your initial application.

Follow these links for more about the wider project.

Morello Platform:

CHERI Architecture:

Sail Language:

Detailed developer information from Arm

Video presentation of CHERI security architecture and Morello platform

The only essential requirement for these positions is that a PhD or equivalent
research experience in computer science, informatics, mathematics, or a
related discipline. This includes being close to PhD completion and

We are particularly interested to hear from candidates with any of the
following. There is no requirement to demonstrate all of these together: this
project crosses domains and the precise tasks followed will depend on each
researcher's individual skills, experience, and interests.

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