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From: Benedikt Ahrens <>
Dear All,

A job opening for a "Researcher (in) Formal Verification" is being
advertised at Hensoldt Cyber GmbH at the outskirts of Munich, Germany.

If you would like to contribute to making software and hardware more
secure, this job might be for you!

The job ad (reproduced below), with information on how to apply, is
located at

The ad mentions an official contact email address. Additionally, please
don't hesitate to get in touch with me with any informal inquiries.

All the best,

HENSOLDT Cyber develops embedded IT products that meet the highest
security requirements. It integrates an invulnerable operating system
with security-hardened hardware to build the most secure product on the
global IT market. The company combines more than 50 years of domain
experience with world-class expertise in hardware and software design to
achieve global leadership.

We are buidling up a new research team, which is working on cutting-edge
projects targeting the aspects formal verification, operating system
design and cryptography with the focus on secure embedded systems. If
you have a strong interest and/or background in secure operating system
development, we would like to get in touch with you.



We are not only offering flexible and mobile working, but the
opportunity to be involved in the development of cutting-edge security
products in an international and innovative environment.

Did we spark your interest? Then we are looking forward to your
application. If you have any questions on the vacancy please don't
hesitate to contact us via mail (

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