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Topic: [isabelle] building the document in Windows from Isabelle...

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From: Stepan Holub <>
Dear all,

is it possible to use the Console plugin in Isabelle/jEdit to build the
document for the current buffer under Windows?



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From: Makarius <>
It is certainly possible, but it depends what you actually have in mind.

The jEdit Console plugin provides various sub-plugins. E.g. "System" is for a
system shell: on Windows that is a wrapped-up that does not quite
work with Isabelle command-line tools, at least I did not manage nor try it
seriously so far.

The Isabelle/jEdit Console/Scala plugin provides access to the running
Isabelle/Scala/PIDE session. Thus you can invoke the Scala functions behind
various command-line tools directly (and much more).

For example, lets first use the Cygwin-Terminal to create a session like this:

isabelle mkroot '~/Test_Session'

Now you could build it (with document) in the same Cygwin-Terminal:

isabelle build -D '~/Test_Session'

Alternatively, you can do it within the running Isabelle/Scala/PIDE process:, progress = new Console_Progress, select_dirs
= List(Path.explode("~/Test_Session")))

That is sometimes convenient: it avoids relaunching a full JVM each time, as
is done in "isabelle build".

But it lacks proper connection to the edited theory texts: that is a still
pending project.


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