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From: Andrei Popescu <>
Dear Isabelle users,

We have a PhD position at University of Sheffield that can lead to
high-impact work using a proof assistant. The PhD project is titled
"Formal Specification and Verification of the Safe Interaction between
Humans and Industrial Robots" and will be supervised by myself (more
about me at and some experts in
industrial robots from Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research
Centre (AMRC,

The position is for 42 months, is fully funded from EPSRC, and has no
teaching obligations attached. The two constraints are that it is
restricted to UK and EU students only, and has to start by 8 February
2021. Taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be the
opportunity to start the PhD remotely and arrive in Sheffield at a
later time, when it is safe to travel.

More details are shown at

I am also happy to answer any questions by email (

Please disseminate to potentially interested people.

Best wishes,

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