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This chat has two ambitions. First, to be a friendly place for beginners and lower the barrier to entry for them. Second, to foster collaboration in the Isabelle community by serendipity.
:megaphone: For your own specific project directly related to the Isabelle theorem prover, feel free to create your own stream. Please use an appropriate name. Names for streams and subsequent topics should be short, clear and to the point.
If you simply have a question about Isabelle or want to discuss one of the theory libraries in the Isabelle generic framework , then you should use #general. In this case, please use one of the previous topics or create an appropriate one if none is a good fit.
Feel free to use #new projects to propose ideas of collaborations. It's ok if you have only rough ideas, but if you embark on a project and open a new stream, then as requested above it should be specific enough to avoid the proliferation of inactive streams that lead nowhere. So, before opening a new stream you may want to have a critical number of potential collaborators depending on the length and difficulty of your project.


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